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A Community Housing in partnership with Zurich Insurance

Published on
11 Jan 2022
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Challenges facing busy teams

A community housing organisation runs a reactive and crisis-orientated service in association with their local council service. Amongst other services, they provide support to people who are immediately homeless alongside those who are experiencing the threat of homelessness. 

Recently, in partnership with Zurich, we worked with this Community Housing Organisation and invited 15 of their employees, across two teams, to use the Fika team training software in their existing meetings. 

Before the trial began, 31% of employees reported that they didn’t feel the working environment was inclusive. And 25% reported feeling unconfident in their team’s ability to handle challenges. 

Fika has developed team training software that teams can plugin to existing meetings, to support them to work together more effectively and healthily. The Community Housing Organisation teams used Fika team tools 1-2 times a week for 4 weeks.

“Noticed people opening up more, and understanding them as an individual. For example the communication styles one was really good, nowadays it's all just a rut of sending emails back and forth, but the exercise allowed us to find out the best way to communicate so that we both get the best outcome.”

Best ways to communicate 

Across the teams, 100% registration was observed with 100% of users reporting they liked the team tools. Additionally, across the 4 week trial period, 1162 minutes of team training were completed. That’s an average of 77 mins per user. 

Results from the end-of-trial survey showed that 80% of those who took part in the trial felt that the collective confidence, trust, communication, connection, inclusivity and the equal contribution of their team had improved since using the team training software. 

“It’s united us as a team, and before that was lacking because we do separate things.”

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