Fika.Mental Fitness for Universities
We’re on a mission to mainstream Mental Fitness by bringing Emotional Education to students around the world.

Exercise keeps us physically fit, but what about our Mental Fitness?

  • Our confidence and focus?
  • Our motivation and positivity?
  • Our connection with others?
  • Our sense of meaning?
  • Our flexibility and adaptability to change?
  • Our ability to harness stress positively?
  • Our self-management?

Fika’s own research has shown that these skills are key components affecting student retention, attainment, employability and social inclusion on campus.

These skills need exercise too.
    Fika is inspired by a Scandinavian tradition for taking time out to focus on our emotions. Aligned with the 2019 NICE evidence standards for digital health technologies and built from a robust evidence-base by an expert team.
    Drawing on methods and theories spanning sports psychology and positive psychology as well as acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to build Mental Fitness.
  • Feel resilient and able to bounce back
  • Be confident to step-up and take control
  • Communicate clearly and listen actively
  • Think creatively and solve problems
  • Take criticism and use it constructively
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Create healthy, lasting relationships
  • Be focused and driven to succeed
  • Stay strong and clear-headed in a crisis
    The Fika platform is supported by our own primary research programme and designed to increase attainment, reduce attrition, improve the student experience and prevent mental health decline.
    Developing valuable self-management skills such as confidence, adaptability and acceptance while improving focus, social connection and empathy.


Mental Fitness

The Fika emotional education platform is now available for your university. To arrange a demo and discuss your needs, please email us at

We continue to work closely with academics and professionals from sports, science and leading UK universities to further develop the Fika app as we bring the habit of emotional exercise to the world.

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