Micro-training that keeps hybrid teams happy and at their best

Sit back while your teams enjoy better meetings, 1:1s, onboarding and more through fully guided, bite-size training from our experts, with no additional burden on managers. Underpinned by our Mental Fitness Science with transparent reporting to your MI dashboard and ROI reports.
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Plug Fika benefits into your teams

Increased trust & togetherness

20 core psychological techniques in Fika micro-training help increase trust, communication and togetherness critical to team performance and staff retention.

More focused & efficient

Increase team productivity through guided sessions that help facilitate collective agreement to comfortably surface and improve inefficient processes.

Team passion & positivity

Fika is designed to leverage the passion already present in your team. Practical techniques encourage a culture of innovation and commitment to each other.

Inclusion & contribution

Inspired by the Scandinavian trend to ‘Fika’, our technology gives everyone a voice, unlocking role modeling and encouraging contribution from all.

Climate of psychological safety

Plug in and set the cadence of your Fika training and build a climate of psychological safety where your teams can express themselves openly and honestly.

Ability to manage team stresses

Measurably improve poor interpersonal relationships and overload, through guided learning and application of simple techniques that help build team capabilities.

Behavioural psychologist delivering a team training session

Bring the impact of marginal gains to your people. See results in just 4 weeks.

Just 4 weeks of Fika training has been found to lead to uplifts of 10% in mental fitness.  This translates to:

Increase in workplace engagement


Increase in performance


Reduction in burnout


Reduction in resignation potential

Try Fika free for your team. More trust, more smiles