Fika is your new team coach, unlocking group potential

Be the best team you can be, with Fika by your side to help you regularly reconnect as a group. Our exercises help you see each other’s strengths, spot challenges and proactively get ahead of the things that might have descended into toxic tension.

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How we help

Make a little space for Fika each week for happier, more inclusive teams

Talk about the tough stuff

Unhelpful stress and panic is inevitable sometimes. So why don’t we just talk about it more? Get stuff off your chest in a healthy way, move on, smash what’s next.

Better connect with hybrid teams

Hybrid is great, but it’s hard to connect, right? Fika’s virtual team building uses psychological techniques to help you connect in new ways and make some space to laugh together each week.

Make inclusion a team priority

Fika is a key part of your inclusion strategy with every team exercise designed to give each member of your team equal space to contribute.

Prepare for big challenges, together

Fika exercises can be used ahead of big deadlines and busy periods to better prepare the team. Build your resilience together and learn to really help each other.

You don’t need a big, expensive off-site. Just simple ways to grow together, every week.

10-min icebreakers, 60-min team courses

Add 10 minutes of fun to an existing meeting or take time for a longer course together - with new exercises every month.

Inclusion training and exercises

Use our 30 to 60-minute inclusion team training exercises together - and get everyone to complete the courses on how to be a more inclusive teammate.

Easily share techniques with each other

An easier, less awkward way to share soft skills training content with colleagues - with courses on stress management, imposter syndrome, conflict and loads more.

Customer stories

Happier, healthier and more successful teams, after just 4 weeks

Noticed improvements in the trust, communication and togetherness of their team
Noticed improvements in their team's inclusion and contribution
Noticed improvements in their team's focus and efficiency

Hear how Fika unlocks team potential

Watch Nwando's story

Nwando shares how Fika helped her small team better appreciate they each bring value as individuals, helping them better connect as a group.

Watch James' story

James shares how Fika helped his sales and recruitment team have better discussions about the things in their way, and move onto bigger and better things.

Watch Tim's story

Tim shares how Fika helped him reevaluate his role in meetings as a leader and unlock the voices of more of his team.

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How Fika was used to support the transition of new university students

Starting university is a key life challenge with the potential for psychological distress.

A Community Housing in partnership with Zurich Insurance

A community housing organisation runs a reactive and crisis-orientated service in association with their local council service.

How an NHS Trust brought mental fitness to healthcare apprentices

Mental health has overtaken back injuries as the principal cause of sickness absence, costing the NHS £371.2m annually.

How NCFE and Fika brought mental fitness to Further Education 

NCFE is a UK-based education charity that provides support for the Further Education sector. Their main objective is to enhance the learning environments in the sector, increase social mobility, and provide better outcomes for both learning and teaching.

Be part of the mental fitness movement.

Prevent burnout

Retain talent

Build great team culture