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Skip the complex, top-down initiatives and expensive all-day workshops. Simply roll out Fika. Put virtual team building and training exercises into the hands of every team and feel the change.

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Easily roll out better working practices and bottom-up culture change, with Fika

See the risks across your organisation

Understand how the mental fitness of your teams correlates to burnout, productivity and engagement. See the soft skills that need the most investment.

Help make every team more inclusive

Support your inclusion strategy with 30 to 60-minute inclusion training exercises for teams - and individual courses on how to be a more inclusive teammate.

Manager training for more compassionate leaders

Instead of one-off manager training workshops, Fika equips your managers with practical tools and templates they can use with their teams every week.

Aligned to your HR and L&D priorities

Support your wellbeing, learning and development or leadership development strategy with training content, backed by performance psychologists.

Understand your risks.Better spot your strengths.

Your mental fitness score vs benchmarks

How’s your organisation’s confidence? How well do you focus? See how you score against the 7 skills of mental fitness compared to your wider industry.

Burnout and engagement insights

See risks to burnout, engagement and more each quarter with bespoke reports.

See what’s popular

See popular courses, topics and skills across your organisation. Where are people training the most? What areas are they struggling in?

Customer stories

Reach more of your teams with techniques you can trust they’ll like

Of leaders who used Fika over 4 weeks would recommend it to their workplace
‘Likes’ on Fika exercises
Think Fika content is “useful for my life”

Hear what your teams might like about Fika

Watch Nwando's story

Nwando shares how Fika helped her small team better appreciate they each bring value as individuals, helping them better connect as a group.

Watch James' story

James shares how Fika helped his sales and recruitment team have better discussions about the things in their way, and move onto bigger and better things.

Watch Tim's story

Tim shares how Fika helped him reevaluate his role in meetings as a leader and unlock the voices of more of his team.

Discover more success stories

How Fika was used to support the transition of new university students

Starting university is a key life challenge with the potential for psychological distress.

A Community Housing in partnership with Zurich Insurance

A community housing organisation runs a reactive and crisis-orientated service in association with their local council service.

How an NHS Trust brought mental fitness to healthcare apprentices

Mental health has overtaken back injuries as the principal cause of sickness absence, costing the NHS £371.2m annually.

How NCFE and Fika brought mental fitness to Further Education 

NCFE is a UK-based education charity that provides support for the Further Education sector. Their main objective is to enhance the learning environments in the sector, increase social mobility, and provide better outcomes for both learning and teaching.

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