Peer reporting policy

We value anonymity and respect privacy while being open, honest and empathetic with each other.

In accordance with our terms of use and privacy policy, Fika is a peer-moderated service and we provide reporting features for behaviour that’s inappropriate and in breach of our terms. These reporting features should not be used for differences of opinion.

If you report someone please take the time to tell us why, so we can investigate. Reporting is serious and can lead to people being banned.

Reporting is for behaviour that’s inappropriate. If you’re ever concerned about someone’s welfare or safety you should use the ‘feeling uncomfortable’  and ‘support’  features instead.

We’ve created the following rules.

  1. If your behaviour is reported by two separate people within the same pod within 30 days you’ll be automatically removed from that pod
  2. If you’re automatically removed from two pods within 30 days you’ll be automatically banned from using all pod features
  3. If you’re banned you can appeal by emailing using the email used to register for your account

We reserve the right to remove any content deemed to be in breach of our terms of use and to ban an individual without explanation or discussion.