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50+ organisations currently winning at their workplace culture

"Fika’s embedded offering and pragmatic, goal-oriented approach, modelled on sports psychology, really struck a chord with us."

Jane Cookson

HR Director at Crest Nicholson

“Fika’s proactive micro-training approach delivered measurable increases in confidence and stress management at national scale for teachers across the UK, as they headed into a challenging pandemic year.”

Dawn Baker

Director of Innovation at NCFE

“Fika resonates with our customers. We get amazing feedback everytime Fika engage with our customers”

Tilden Watson

Head of Education at Zurich Municipal

Frequently asked questions

How can I see how Fika impacts our teams?

Our research shows that usage = impact.  By doing just 3 x 5 minute Fika exercises per week for 6 weeks, you’ll experience uplifts in mental fitness.  
You can track usage of Fika in your organisation via our reporting dashboard.   
This dashboard is available to Admin users and it shows key data such as user numbers, training progress, and popular courses - so you can ensure engagement with Fika is high and that your organisation is getting all the benefits.  
The dashboard provides anonymised, aggregate data only - so no individual user data is shared.  

How do you roll out Fika to organisations?

Your organisation will be assigned its very own Fika Partner Success Manager who will ensure you get off to a great start and are supported throughout.  
We kick-off with an onboarding meeting with your Partner Success Manager, who will take you through: 
- Registration with Fika and how to access the platform
- Your reporting dashboard
- The Fika resource portal Fika’s Helpdesk
- You’re then ready to begin your Fika journey!

What data does Fika need from me?

All we need to register users with Fika is an email address - that’s all.  
And we don’t require any information to be shared by a user’s organisation either.  

What makes Fika different from other wellbeing services I have access to, like Unmind or Headspace?

What makes Fika different is our preventative approach.  
We train skills of mental fitness to enable us to perform better in work, in our studies, and in our personal lives - just like we train our physical fitness regularly.  
We don’t treat symptoms of poor welling but instead address root causes.  We focus on the things within our control: improving communication, daily habits, ways of working with others.  

What software integrations do you need?

Good news!  No software integrations are required to use Fika.  

Be part of the mental fitness movement.

Prevent burnout

Retain talent

Build great team culture