Three steps you can take to look after your leaders

Dr Fran Longstaff
February 9, 2022
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People running on a track

COVID-19. Hybrid. The Great Resignation. Mass reports of staff burnout.

The past few years have created a perfect storm of headwinds for leaders - and when leaders suffer, the whole organisation does. 

Here are three steps HR and wellbeing leads can take to look after their  leaders in 2022 - the crucial first step to building resilience across a whole organisation:

1.  Include mental fitness training in leader onboarding

Make mental fitness training a necessary and formalised part of leader onboarding. This sets the tone for a culture which not only normalises but prioritises mental fitness – seeing it as an essential ingredient to good working practice, productivity and delivering commercial results.

2. Bring your leaders together to set your Mental Fitness vision

Set your Mental Fitness vision as an organisation. Ask your leaders to contribute to this vision to increase buy-in from the top down.

3. Make mental fitness visible and integrate it into the everyday

Encourage your leaders to visibly integrate mental fitness training into their everyday schedules – clearly committing to an activity or reflection time to build their mental skills . Seeing leaders make time for their own mental fitness encourages others to do the same and can transform workplace productivity. This also protects against chronic stress and burnout – reducing the need for your people to take time off when stress gets too much for them.

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Dr Fran Longstaff
Head of Psychology

Dr Fran Longstaff is Head of Psychology at Fika Mental Fitness. With more than 15 years' academic and applied experience in sport and exercise psychology, Fran oversees Fika's Behavioural Science output, designing and implementing organisation-wide Mental Fitness training programmes for Fika's client-base of more than 80 businesses, education institutions and healthcare organisations. She is passionate about training leaders and managers in how to build their own and their team’s Mental Fitness in order to transform the culture, output, productivity and happiness of their workplaces. Fran worked as a lecturer in Higher Education for 13 years before joining Fika, and still works closely with Fika's board of academic experts.

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