TEDx Talk: The 'Why' Behind Fika Mental Fitness

Nick Bennett
November 15, 2021
min read
Youtube picture of Nick Bennett from the TEDx Talk

Fika Co-Founder & Co-CEO shares the 'why' behind Fika Mental Fitness

In 2014 I lost my best friend of 35 years to suicide. I beat myself up for ages …‍In 2015 I committed to do something about it. Losing Ben and setting out to prevent declining mental health became my ‘why’, my driving purpose.‍In 2016 I started a side hustle. Struggled to juggle with life demands.In 2018 the side hustle became Fika Mental Fitness with my co founder hero Gareth Fryer.In 2019 we incubated, researching our tech platform with four universities. We had a scientific breakthrough that showed our tech could prevent mental health decline. In 2020 the pandemic hit us hard but we closed our first major partner deal.

Fast forward to today, and we are so grateful for our brilliant team and incredible investors.We have just closed a seed investment round and most importantly we provide mental fitness training to the people of more than 100 organisations across education and workplace. Don’t give up my friends. Let your ‘why’ drive you. I shared the story of my 'why' in a TEDx talk >>


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Nick Bennett

Nick co-founded Fika to help solve the global problem of poor emotional health. With a background in fundraising, team building and product leadership in consumer and B2B, you’ll either find him on his mountain, screaming the Fika mission to the sky or in his boots, making pots of coffee for the team.

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