Mental Fitness

It's time to celebrate positive mental health

Gareth Fryer
November 15, 2021
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Mental Health is amazing.

When are we going to start celebrating it, not just keep trying to 'fix' it?

Why are humans the dominant species on the planet?

Strongest? ❌ Fastest ❌ Live longest? ❌

Yet we celebrate and aspire to physical fitness…


  • Form allegiances and shared belief systems 💡
  • Understand consequences 😱
  • Plan for the future 👩💻
  • Learn from the past 🤔
  • Build lasting relationships 👬
  • Think creatively and solve complex problems 👨🔬(+ opposable thumbs caveat here) 👍

Connection. Focus. Motivation. Meaning. Stress. Positivity. Confidence. These skills really matter.

Every emotion we have is an evolutionary gift - it’s there for a reason. Positive and negative. We’re not supposed to be ‘relentlessly happy’: we need every emotion we have (in the right balance).

Yet we don’t celebrate and aspire to mental fitness?

We generally think mental health only matters when we’re not ok … other than that, we take these amazing gifts for granted and don’t work on maintaining them.

  • We all understand the need to train for physical challenges (or we wouldn’t do very well or would injure ourselves).
  • How many of us train our mental muscles before mental challenges for exactly the same reasons?

Watch Gareth's interview with the C-Suite Podcast at MAD World 2021

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Gareth Fryer

Diagnosed with cancer twice, Gareth has a deep understanding of the importance of our mental muscles. He co-founded Fika to help people build Mental Fitness, to perform at their best and be better prepared to handle life’s challenges. Before Fika, Gareth was a partner at a global software development company and a leading service design consultancy, working with some of the world’s biggest brands.

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