How to turn 'conversations' into meaningful connections

Rose Wilkinson
February 3, 2022
min read
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When it comes to talking - there's talking, and there's really talking, isn't there?

Having conversations is something we do every day - and thankfully even in the new world of remote working, we're still probably having plenty of conversations with colleagues.

But are we making meaningful connections?

Taking the time to really talk, in a way which forms meaningful connections, can transform employee engagement, retention and productivity.

It can lead to far deeper, richer, longer-lasting relationships with clients.

Is it something we do enough, though?

Is it something we even know how to do?

In the video below, two of our experts at Fika discuss the difference between conversations and meaningful connections.

Interested in learning how Fika can transform the way your people connect with each other and with your clients?

Drop us a line at for a 10-minute connections masterclass with one of the team.


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Rose Wilkinson
Head of Communications

Rose is Head of Communications at Fika Mental Fitness. She is a trained journalist, with 12 years' experience working in PR and communications. Rose is fascinated by psychology, behavioural science and neuroscience, has a degree in English Literature from the University of Bristol, and is a qualified yoga teacher.

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