How Fika team training improves teams at work

Alex Richards
March 2, 2023
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At Fika, we’ve shown that our individual training works. Having launched team training software, we wanted to make sure it was equally effective.

What does Fika’s team training software do? 

Teams are working with each other more than ever. So improving the way we work together is vital for successful teams.  

Fika’s team training software helps teams work through a range of challenges. As an example, our “don’t do list” activity helps teams collaborate more effectively by highlighting unnecessary pressure that could be removed.   

What we tested

36 managers from the UK were split into two groups and given access to the Fika platform for 4 weeks. 

Group 1 were given no instructions on how to use the platform. 

Group 2 were asked to use Fika’s team training software twice a week for 4 weeks. 

We collected data at weeks 0 and 4 using Fika’s mental fitness scale for both groups. This allowed mental fitness changes to be tracked. Managers were also asked to complete a survey to understand their opinions about our team training software. 

The impact of team training 

Group 2 were asked to use our team training software twice a week. This group allowed us to understand the impact when the Fika platform is used consistently. This group of managers improved their mental fitness by 12% after 4 weeks of access to the Fika platform. 

Improvements in mental fitness are linked to reductions in exhaustion, disengagement and intention to leave. Improvements in mental fitness are also related to improved productivity and job satisfaction. If you would like to read more about mental fitness and its return on investment, please read this article

Our survey results showed that 100% of managers would recommend our team training software for their workplace. Data from Group 2 managers also showed that:

  • 92% noticed improvements in the trust, communication and togetherness of their team
  • 81% noticed improvements in their team's passion and positivity
  • 81% noticed improvements in their team's inclusion and contribution
  • 77% noticed improvements in their team's ability to manage stress and pressure
  • 81% noticed improvements in their team's focus and efficiency
  • 85% noticed improvements in their team's confidence (e.g., shared confidence in one another and ability to handle challenges together)
  • 81% noticed improvements in the psychological safety of their team

Follow up interviews allowed us to understand how managers felt about Fika’s team training software. 

One Sales Manager [Recruitment Agency] discussed how team training helped build trust at work. 

“I’ve been a manager for a while and I’ve had times in the past where there’s trust issues. I feel that people are more engaged and more open, by doing the 2-min exercise, and if there’s something on their mind away from that, they may want to come and talk to me directly because now they have the confidence to do that”


It’s not always easy for staff to say what they think to their manager. Fika’s team training software gave staff the time, space and permission to speak their mind. This helped build trust.

Another Deputy Director of a small business explained how the team training software improved the inclusion and contribution of their team. 

I used to work with numerous people who wouldn’t say a single word in a meeting and this is the sort of thing that can bring them out of their shell”                                          

In meetings it can be hard to hear from all members of the group. Sometimes the same people speak whilst other people rarely contribute. This quote shows how Fika’s team training software helps everyone feel more included during a meeting. One benefit of everyone sharing in a meeting is that new and creative ideas might be shared that could have been missed. 

Finally, a CEO of a training and development company explained how the team training software helped their team collaborate better.

“I think that performance is hard to measure and control, one of those very difficult things ……I think performance enhancement using expert authority and a habit-based system [like Fika] is very powerful.”

Work is a team game so it’s important that we find the best ways to work together. Fika’s team training software puts that front and centre. Helping teams to work as teams rather than individuals. 

Does Fika’s team tool help managers and teams? 

At the end of the trial, Fika’s platform was able to improve the mental fitness of managers.  Managers who consistently used Fika’s team training software also felt it had benefits for their teams. These included improved collaboration, better relationships and greater inclusion. 

Improving the way teams work together can also offset the risk of mental health decline. Effective teamwork can reduce the risk of burnout and exhaustion at work. This can also increase the retention of staff. 

Finally, improved mental fitness has a positive impact on work. Improving mental fitness can increase job satisfaction, productivity and job performance amongst other benefits. For more on how mental fitness can predict outcomes at work please read this article about how our scale was developed.

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Alex Richards
Performance Psychologist

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