Fika Mental Fitness to speak at The Watercooler Event in February

Fika Mental Fitness
January 17, 2022
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The wellbeing advantage - the watercooler event promo

A new study has shown that over 54% of workers who take two or more mental health absences would ultimately leave their current job with the direct cost of absences throughout 2021 estimated to be a shocking £43 billion (excluding additional costs such as overtime, temporary staff, admin fees etc) . As the pandemic continues into 2022 and such workplace absences are forecast to rise, businesses should be preparing to safeguard against further damage.

This year, The Watercooler and various partners have come together to champion mental health in the workplace, creating tools, techniques and resources to help businesses adapt.

A free, two-day event running 23–24 February 2022, The Watercooler will host a programme filled with advice and actionable insight for business leaders and HR professionals with regards to approaches and guidance for addressing the health topics that we often find tough. 

Fika Mental Fitness will be exhibiting our mental fitness skills development platform at the February event. 

Dr Fran Longstaff, Head of Psychology at Fika Mental Fitness, said: “As we enter our third year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the risks facing our teams. Proactively building a culture of mental fitness which protects against burnout, builds and promotes healthy habits across teams, and prevents mental health decline at scale will be key to achieving organisational success in 2022.

“At Fika, we work with more than 100 businesses and education institutions to build a top-down culture of mental fitness, where leaders and managers are trained in how to actively model good mental fitness behaviours. The often-used oxygen mask analogy is as true as ever when it comes to mental fitness: in order to empower our teams and build mental fitness in our colleagues, we first need to prioritise our own mental fitness.

"We will look forward to speaking at The Watercooler event in February, where we will outline how turning your leaders into mental fitness role models can transform culture across your whole organisation - with practical tools and techniques to take away and implement."

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Fika Mental Fitness

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