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Top challenges for hybrid managers

Building a team when interaction is reduced

How Fika helps you solve this

The easy way to build healthy, hybrid connections

Growing and keeping a team has always been challenging and remote working has introduced a new layer of complexity. Managers told us that Team bonding (33.7%) and Building healthy connections (29.6%) are their biggest challenges when onboarding. Yet, as few as 23% of employees had social or ice-breaker meetings with their new team in the first week. Making time for connection removes barriers and fosters team bonds improving team performance and retention.

Building connections and developing healthy relationships when working remotely can be really challenging. And there’s an increased risk of fatigue, colleagues becoming withdrawn, the loss of company culture and ineffective teamwork.

Fika team training gives structure, encouragement and permission for your teams to build healthy, respectful relationships.

And by increasing peer learning, active listening and building strong bonds of trust we see happier, healthier more productive hybrid teams.

Maintaining effective communication in your hybrid teams

How Fika helps you solve this

Microtraining that builds a climate of psychological safety

80% of people believe collaborating virtually is imperative to job performance but 65% experience problems doing this such as the constant need to respond to messages, inefficient use of time and the need to re-work outputs when expectations aren’t clear. Establishing clear norms for communication results in a more connected team who are better able to meet each others expectations and contribute to the team.

Honest and effective communication thrives in an environment of psychological safety.

Fika Team Training software enables all managers to easily provide the structure, encouragement and permission to build a climate of equality and psychological safety.

Our microtraining increases active listening, encourages honest conversations and gives everyone a voice so they feel more able and confident to contribute to team success.

Growing people skills in your hybrid teams

How Fika helps you solve this

Give your managers a superhero cape

48% of staff who leave say leaders lacking support and compassion was one of the biggest problems in that organisation. 85% of Managers told us that they have not be trained in how to lead remotely. The challenges facing hybrid working are all rooted in an assumption that people already have the skills they need for work.

Most managers didn’t want to be managers, they just got good at their job. And now they have to manage people and help them to build their skills.  

Fika Team Training software empowers all managers to plug in expert guided training sessions that build soft skills and increase team cohesion.

No technical skill needed and no additional training required. Just plug into your meetings and start building team soft skills and boosting team effectiveness.

Keeping productivity high in your hybrid teams

How Fika helps you solve this

The right skills at the right time for everyone

Almost 40% of remote leaders find team productivity is their biggest people challenge. 33% also report team motivation as problematic. Training employees to focus allows for their time to be used with best effect and when using time well we achieve more and feel more engaged. We found low energy engagement levels for more than 50% of hybrid employees showing low willingness to invest effort in work, and low persistence in the face of difficulties. Our icebreakers help facilitate productivity by adding small but powerful behaviours into your way of working. E.g., improving team motivation by wrapping up the week with weekly wins.

Fika provides a system of bite-size training courses that can be assigned by managers to team members or groups, with lots of training that can be completed in just 5-minutes.

Each course is designed by our performance psychologists to meet specific challenges or transitions that we all face.

Increasing team skills to meet their challenges and stressors increases productivity as your teams begin to really thrive.

Reducing burnout and retaining staff at this challenging time

How Fika helps you solve this

Science you can trust to prevent mental health decline and burnout

We know 70% of employees are burned out and it’s not easy to be motivated at work when feeling stressed and cynical most of the time. Training the skill of stress management can help reduce burnout. Training as a team can help solve the retention problem because people want to stay in a winning team.

Fika is evidenced (through a Randomised Controlled Trial) to prevent mental health decline and increase mental fitness skills development.

Regular training with Fika helps team members adopt a growth mindset, be ready to handle pressures and better connect with each other. Skills such as confidence, stress management and positivity were also shown to increase while intention to leave and burnout decreased.

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