What can you do to prevent the risk of losing your key talent?

There are lots of common workplace behaviours that cause people to leave your business. This loss of talent hurts your culture and bottom line - but it can be stopped. By kicking off existing meetings with short activities that promote better behaviours, your team will feel more connected to each other and the business.

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How does Fika retain talent?

“We know that poor working practices regarded as ‘normal’ play a big role in staff quitting. But many managers we’ve spoken to struggle to find tools which can genuinely help. Fika exercises challenge these poor working practices so that employees grow their confidence and work better with their colleagues - both of which improve retention.”

Fran Longstaff PhD

Head of Psychology at Fika

Customer stories

92% of managers noticed improvements in the trust, communication and togetherness of their team

Reduction in no. of people at risk of quitting
Estimated savings in a 100 person org
"Fika’s embedded offering and pragmatic, goal-oriented approach, modelled on sports psychology, really struck a chord with us."

Jane Cookson

HR Director at Crest Nicholson

“Fika’s proactive micro-training approach delivered measurable increases in confidence and stress management at national scale for teachers across the UK as they headed into a challenging pandemic year.”

Dawn Baker

Director of Innovation at NCFE

“Fika resonates with our customers. We get amazing feedback everytime Fika engage with our customers”

Tilden Watson

Head of Education at Zurich Municipal

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