How to prevent disengagement becoming the norm

A lack of motivation and engagement is contagious. If someone on your team isn’t bothered, they won’t be alone. And while there’s no single secret sauce to keep employees engaged, there are many small behaviour changes to increase engagement. And they’re easy to slot into your day.

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How does Fika increase engagement?

“Engagement isn’t a formula. We can’t expect people to always be motivated and switched on. But we can create team environments that lead to greater engagement. Making behaviours that encourage flexibility, honesty and respect the norm, and making time to practise these behaviours in our teams will boost motivation and focus.”

Nick Bennett

Co-Founder at Fika

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81% of managers noticed improvements in their team's passion and positivity


In just 4 weeks of using Fika, we predict the potential for:

Increase in engagement
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"Fika’s embedded offering and pragmatic, goal-oriented approach, modelled on sports psychology, really struck a chord with us."

Jane Cookson

HR Director at Crest Nicholson

“Fika’s proactive micro-training approach delivered measurable increases in confidence and stress management at national scale for teachers across the UK as they headed into a challenging pandemic year.”

Dawn Baker

Director of Innovation at NCFE

“Fika resonates with our customers. We get amazing feedback everytime Fika engage with our customers”

Tilden Watson

Head of Education at Zurich Municipal

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