Inclusion is not a nice to have. It’s a must.

69% of us want to feel more included at work. And being included helps us to be ourselves and our contributions to be heard. Feeling this sense of value and purpose in our role increases engagement and retention. But typical one-off training lacks longterm impact. Fika courses train micro-behaviours that you can share with everyone in your organisation.

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How does Fika improve inclusion?

“Exclusion isn’t always overt, direct or intentional. The majority of exclusions we experience are micro-exclusions that go under the radar, but when experienced consistently are equally damaging. A common example is speaking over someone in a meeting. Recognising and committing to avoid these behaviours makes a real difference to our inclusion of others.”

Amanda McNamee PhD

Senior Mental Fitness Scientist at Fika

Customer stories

81% of managers noticed improvements in the inclusion and contribution of their team

"Fika’s embedded offering and pragmatic, goal-oriented approach, modelled on sports psychology, really struck a chord with us."

Jane Cookson

HR Director at Crest Nicholson

“Things like getting quieter members of staff involved - and the fact that I used to work with numerous people who wouldn’t say a single word in a meeting and this is the sort of thing that can bring them out of their shell.”

Deputy Director

Small Business

“Fika resonates with our customers. We get amazing feedback everytime Fika engage with our customers”

Tilden Watson

Head of Education at Zurich Municipal

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