Not all managers have good people skills

Managers often get promoted because they’re good at their job, not because they’ve got great people skills. This can hurt team culture and retention. Making managers great with people is the best way to keep your employees. Fika makes this happen with fun, 5-minute exercises that slot into your existing weekly meetings.

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How does Fika make great managers?

“Many managers told us their team members don’t come to them with problems and mistakes. They feel like there’s an issue with trust. At Fika we target behaviours that build psychological safety such as trust, communication and self-awareness. This helps managers get the best from themselves and their people.”

Sophie O’Kelly

Head of Product at Fika

Customer stories

81% of managers noticed improvements in the psychological safety of their teams

"Fika’s embedded offering and pragmatic, goal-oriented approach, modelled on sports psychology, really struck a chord with us."

Jane Cookson

HR Director at Crest Nicholson

“I’ve been a manager for a while and I’ve had times in the past where there’s trust issues. I feel that people are more engaged and more open, by doing the 2-min exercise, and if there’s something on their mind away from that, they may want to come and talk to me directly because now they have the confidence to do that.”

Sales Manager

Recruitment Agency

“Fika resonates with our customers. We get amazing feedback everytime Fika engage with our customers”

Tilden Watson

Head of Education at Zurich Municipal

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