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Fika provides preventative mental fitness training to education institutions across the UK, supporting staff and students with an academic calendar based system of micro-training. Underpinned by our Mental Fitness Science and Randomised Control Trial evidence, demonstrating that Fika can prevent key indicators of mental health decline and increase performance outcomes for staff and students.
Happy students smiling and laughing together as they study

Why Fika is vital for your staff and students

Increased trust & togetherness

20 core psychological techniques in Fika micro-training help increase trust, communication and togetherness, critical to team performance and staff retention.

Colleague support first

Fika has a wide range of staff resources to care for your colleagues' skills development and support, ensuring staff can be at their best for their learners.

The right skills at the right time

Provide preventative micro-training across a guided academic calendar to build capabilities ahead of known pinch points in the year.

Embed into tutor programmes

Designed to fit into existing formal teaching pathways. Best practice templates and resources make this easy to achieve.

Lift outcomes for everyone

Measurably improve poor interpersonal relationships and overload, through guided learning and application of simple techniques that help build team capabilities.

Behavioural psychologist delivering an individual training exercise

Bring the impact of marginal gains to your people. See results in just 4 weeks.

Just 4 weeks of Fika training has been found to lead to uplifts of 10% in mental fitness.  This translates to:

Increase in workplace engagement


Increase in performance


Reduction in burnout


Reduction in resignation potential

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