Device requirements

Fika mobile app

The Fika mobile app is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App stores internationally.  Please note availability of the Fika mobile app may vary internationally depending on applicable local laws.

The Fika mobile app requires your device to be using Android 9 or Apple iOS 10 operating system or higher.  For devices with older operating systems, the Fika mobile app may not operate correctly or at all.

Fika web app

The Fika web app is supported by all browsers, but we recommend Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.  We do not recommend Internet Explorer. 

Latest versions of all browsers are recommended.  On older browser versions the Fika web app may not operate correctly or at all.

These device requirements are subject to change at any time.  In the event that this changes, we will update this page and also the information on our Apple App Store and Google Play Store listings.