Hybrid working has brought its challenges to our workplace teams. Read the latest content from our scientists on how businesses can overcome remote working challenges and develop happy hybrid teams.

Hybrid working mom at home

Unlock Successful Flexible Working with 3 Key Skills

Flexible working patterns (location and hours) remain the number one sought employee benefit. The opportunities to avoid rush hour traffic, to walk children to school and to repurpose commute times to exercise have all been cited as key quality of life reasons to continue working flexibly.

Dr Amanda McNamee
September 5, 2022
min read
team building for the workplace

Offsetting the risks of hybrid working: Is Mental Fitness the answer?

Breakfast with family, longer sleep, quieter space to focus, few unwelcome interruptions, you would be forgiven for thinking that hybrid working was one of the few perfect outcomes from a two year long pandemic. It presents a crystal clear antidote for those employees who want to keep in person social connections with colleagues and those who have found their true life balance in working from home.

Dr Fran Longstaff
March 29, 2022
min read

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